Plasti-Pan II Urine Collector

Plasti-Pan II provides a convenient and accurate method of collecting and measuring urine output.

  1. Sturdy - Made of virtually unbreakable polypropylene.
  2. Easy to Measure - Will measure small amounts of urine.
  3. Easy to Read - Graduations clearly engraved in large numbers. Graduated in both ounces and ml.
  4. Large Collection Area - Back wall angled at 30 degrees increases surface area to assure complete collection and accurate measurement of specimen.
  5. Back to Back Collection - Pans may be placed back to back in toilet bowl to allow simultaneous collection of stool and urine.
  6. Easy Pouring - Functional pour spout allows accurate pouring into smaller containers.

-Packed 100 per case

Ordering Information
1055: Plasti-Pan II, 100/case

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